I'm a computer programmer based in Berlin, Germany.

I'm very passionate about hybrid language development, reverse engineering, code quality and best practices.

I'm an contributor to the open source community.


Open-Source Projects

Name Language Description Link
dota2-lua-engine C++/Lua lua scripting engine for dota 2
node-archive C++/JavaScript node.js binding for libarchive
node-curl C++/JavaScript node.js binding for libcurl
node-snappy C++/JavaScript node.js binding for snappy
node-pagerduty C++/JavaScript node.js client for PagerDuty


Name Description Link
node.js Node.js makes it easy to build realtime and file-uploading applications in a non-blocking way.
tarsnap Great backup solution for the truly paranoid.
/r/ReverseEngineering A great community dedicated to all things reverse engineering